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We offer for each boat a big range of optional accessories. Some of them are universal which means that are suitable for all kinds of boats. Several of them are unique and can be attached only to a specific boat or boat range.  

For checking all available accessories for any boat visit a section Equipment by any boat and download an excel file where these accessories are displayed.

Cat.No. LA-50270
Alu oar 185 cm
Cat.No. LA-50290
Alu oar 205 cm
Cat.No. LA-50300
Alu oar 220 cm
Cat.No. LA-50240
Alu paddle 155 cm
Cat.No. ME-1812
Automatic bilge pump with connection and switch
Cat.No. ME-1969
Bathing platforms - 1x for Family 450 with instalation
Cat.No. ME-1970
Bathing platforms - 1x for Family 500 with instalation
Cat.No. ME-1971
Bathing platforms - 1x for Family 530 with instalation
Cat.No. L-EK17012
Battery box
Cat.No. ME-1813
Bilge pump with connections and switch
Bimini top 130 cm
Bimini top 150 cm
Bimini top 175 cm
Cat.No. ME-1339
Bow cushion for 400U
Cat.No. ME-1344
Bow cushion for 450U
Cat.No. ME-1337
Bow cushion for 500 U
Cat.No. ME-1315
Bow deck 15 PRAM
Cat.No. ME-1310
Bow deck 370 U
Cat.No. ME-1317
Bow deck 400 Fish
Cat.No. ME-1311
Bow deck 400 U
Cat.No. ME-1313
Bow deck 445 U
Cat.No. ME-1318
Bow deck 450 Fish
Cat.No. ME-1312
Bow deck 450 U
Cat.No. ME-1329
Bow deck 500 F / 500 F SC
Cat.No. ME-1327
Bow deck 500 U
Cat.No. ME-1743
Bow fender including installation
Cat.No. PL-27484
Bow light green-red with installation
Cat.No. ME-1487
Bow mooring canvas for Marine 500 boats
Cat.No. ME-DSP500
Bow plate upholstered for 500 models
Cat.No. NX-NPN0802
Car top holder, + requisite accessory in description
Cat.No. ME-1340
Central cushion 400U
Cat.No. ME-1346
Central cushion 450U
Cat.No. ME-1357
Central cushion 500 U
Cat.No. ME-1341
Central deck 370 U
Cat.No. ME-1342
Central deck 400 U
Cat.No. ME-1352
Central deck 450 Family
Cat.No. ME-1343
Central deck 450 U
Cat.No. ME-1353
Central deck 500 Family
Cat.No. ME-1347
Central deck 500 U
Cat.No. ME-1354
Central deck 530 Family
Cat.No. PL-27871
Clamping strap (for batterie and tank), 2 pcs
Cat.No. SM-2210
Cleat aluminium 120 mm
Cat.No. SM-2211
Cleat aluminium 150 mm
Cat.No. SM-2213
Cleat aluminium 200 mm
Cat.No. ME-1953
Electric wires, switches and navigation light on radar arch
Cat.No. ME-1810
Electro lifewell kit -pump,hoses, wires for 400 - 450 - 500 Fish
Cat.No. ME-1381
Fishing rod box for 400 Fish DLX
Cat.No. ME-1385
Fishing rod box for 450 Fish DLX

Řadová 465
549 01 Nové Město nad Metují

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