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Strong range

Marine models 370S, 400S and 450S have bigger construction than the Light range models.
They can carry more people, they are more stable and safer because of their high freeboard. You can also use them in rough water with higher waves.

The Marine 370U, 400U, 400UL and 450U have wide V hull and higg freeboard for good safety on the board also in bigger waves.
For this reason they are very popular among fishermen and also for recreational users. These boats can be equipped with a remote control console to provide a very nice, small, complete package.

The 500S and 500U are the biggest boats in the MARINE range.
They stand out thanks to their excellent performance, extreme stability and perfect operation on rough sea. Excellent in most situations they are ideal for leisure and water skiing. The 500S is the fastest model in the MARINE family, reaching up to 60km/h when paired with a 40HP engine.
The 500U is the biggest craft in the MARINE range, offering both excellent person and load capacity making it suitable for diving groups or transportation of passengers. The 500U is a versatile craft and is at home at sea or on large water areas for fishing as well as also being ideal as a work or rescue boat for extreme conditions.

Cat.No. ME-370SV
Marine 370 S
Cat.No. ME-370UVV
Marine 370 U
Cat.No. ME-400SV
Marine 400 S
Cat.No. ME-400SCVV
Marine 400 SC
Cat.No. ME-400UVV
Marine 400 U
Cat.No. ME-400ULVV
Marine 400 UL
Cat.No. ME-445SVV
Marine 445 S
Cat.No. ME-445SC AVV
Marine 445 SC
Cat.No. ME-445UVV
Marine 445 U
Cat.No. ME-450OPENVV
Marine 450 OPEN
Cat.No. ME-450SV
Marine 450 S
Cat.No. ME-450SCVV
Marine 450 SC
Cat.No. ME-450UVV
Marine 450 U
Cat.No. ME-500SV
Marine 500 S

Řadová 465
549 01 Nové Město nad Metují

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