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New models of light aluminum boats MARINE
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Marine light aluminium fishing boat manufacturers

We are the aluminium fishing boat manufacturers since 1999 year. The factory is located in central Europe, Czech Republic. In manufacturers portfolio is 28 light aluminium fishing models.

MARINE car topper boats

The Marine light aluminium 10M, 12M and 14M models can be easily carried on the roof of many cars with the Marine 10M being the lightest aluminium boat currently available on the market. The low weight and V shaped boat hull give the boat high speed and perfect manoeuvrability. All models plane easily, even with lower powered engines and are excellent for leisure cruising, transportation of passengers, loads, fishing and much more.

Marine Strong aluminium boats

The light aluminum fishing boat 370U is the smallest model designed for excellent stability and very quick planing. For this reason they are very popular among fishermen and also for recreational users. These light aluminium boats can be equipped with a remote control console to provide a very nice, small, complete boat package. The Marine light aluminium boats 16Y and 17H are the biggest in the boat manufacturers range. The Marine light aluminium 16Y and 17H are a versatile craft for fishing as well as also being ideal as a work or rescue boat for extreme conditions.

Marine fishing aluminium boats

Models in this range are designed especially for leisure and fishing use with practical features such as flat floor, walk thru seat design and a range of fishing accessories (FISH models) as standard. All this, combined with attractive, modern upholstered seats and consoles establishes a new level in the boat manufacturers range. In the F and SC models you find, as standard, livewell with aerator, navigation lights.

Marine working aluminium boats

These working models offer stability, good impact resistance, high abrasion resistance, excellent riding features with high speed, high capacity for pro-fessional users mainly fire brigades, professional divers and diving schools, fishermen, rivers and lakes supervisors etc. Marine boats offer a lot of special accessories prepared exactly for end users. For all of them are working models very popular on this market segment.

Marine Jon aluminium boats

Ideal version for serious fishing. These aluminium fishing boats offer flat bottom, good stability and very low weight. Small 1232 Jons are transportable on the top of each car. Bigger fishing boats are designed for higher powered engines and they can also be used for transport of any load. All we can say is: Enjoy your fishing!