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Marine light aluminium fishing boat manufacturers

We are the aluminium fishing boat manufacturers since 1999 year. The factory is located in central Europe, Czech Republic. In manufacturers portfolio is 43 light aluminium fishing models.

Marine light aluminium boats

The Marine light aluminium 10M, 12M and 14M models can be easily carried on the roof of many cars with the Marine 10M being the lightest aluminium boat currently available on the market. The low weight and V shaped boat hull give the boat high speed and perfect manoeuvrability. All models plane easily, even with lower powered engines and are excellent for leisure cruising, transportation of passengers, loads, fishing and much more.

Marine strong aluminium boats

The light aluminium fishing boats are designed for excellent stability. They have wide V hull and high freeboard for good safety on the board also in bigger waves. For this reason they are very popular among fishermen and also convenient for recreational users. These are ideal for transportation of people, leisure, diving groups, waterskiing, even on large water areas.

Marine family aluminium boats

Models of this range are designed especially for family use. Their advantages are safety of board, a lot of place inside the boat, famous riding features for a lot of fun on water including water sports. There is an optional table for picnic on water, sundeck and upholstery for sunshining, ladder for easy boarding after swimming or front high railing for easy and safety boarding from shore and pier. These boats belong to our newest and best equipped models.

Marine fishing aluminium boats

Models in this range are designed especially for leisure and fishing use. Fish boats are dedicated to fishermen with many optional accessories that can personalize their boats. DLX boats are designed for predator fishing and also for leisure use. There are many storage places inside the boats. Practical features such as flat floor, walk-thru seat design and a range of fishing accessories in standard are the main advantages.

Marine working aluminium boats

These working models offer stability, good impact resistance, high abrasion resistance, excellent riding features with high speed, high capacity for professional users mainly fire brigades, professional divers and diving schools, fishermen, rivers and lakes supervisors etc.  For all of them, these working models are very popular on this market segment. Check out our newest boats Pram 15 and 16.

Marine Jon aluminium boats

Ideal solution for long-time fishing in stagnant water. These aluminium fishing boats offer flat bottom, good stability and very low weight. Small 10, 12, 13 Jons are transportable on the top of a car. Bigger fishing boats are designed for higher powered engines and they can also be used for transport of cargo, people.