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We offer for each boat a big range of optional accessories. Some of them are universal which means that are suitable for all kinds of boats. Several of them are unique and can be attached only to a specific boat or boat range.  

For checking all available accessories for any boat visit a section Equipment by any boat and download an excel file where these accessories are displayed.

Cat.No. ME-1123Fam
Side steering console DLX with railing for 500&530 Family
Cat.No. ME-1131
Storage box under 1120 console for U and SC models
Cat.No. LA-196376
Storage box waterproof for DLX console
Cat.No. CB-B0560
Trailer for a big boat
Cat.No. CB-B0340
Trailer for a boat of length till 4,1 m CB-B0340
Cat.No. CB-B0370
Trailer for a boat of length till 4,5 m CB-B0370
Cat.No. CB-B0200
Trailer for a small boat CB-B0200
Cat.No. CB-B0220
Trailer for a small boat CB-B0220
Cat.No. OS-18.539.00
Transom drain plug 500,530 and Jons
Cat.No. OS-18.532.02
Transom drain plug M range, 370,400 and 450 models
Cat.No. BM-1744
Transport wheels plastic with arrest - 1 pair
Cat.No. NS-76223
Upholstery seat new with Marine logo; grey-blue, grey-red or grey-dark grey
Cat.No. ME-1705
Water ski and wakeboard pylon with installation
Cat.No. SM-3116
Water ski rope V bridle
Cat.No. ME-1704
Water ski toweyes, 2 pcs
Cat.No. ME-1379
Water tank with upper doors
Cat.No. ME-1744
White Rubber Fender - price per 1m installed
Cat.No. LK-07180
Wooden oar 180 cm Sea Side, 1 pc
Cat.No. LK-07210
Wooden oar 210 cm Sea Side, 1 pc
Cat.No. L-RP2270
Wooden oar 270 cm Sea Side 1 pc
Cat.No. ME-1384
Wrapped Alu bow deck for 500 FHD
Cat.No. ME-1383
Wrapped Alu floor for 500 F HD
Cat.No. ME-1960
XL transom for FHD boats (ready for JET outboards)

Řadová 465
549 01 Nové Město nad Metují

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