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Polar expedition with Marine 450U (part 1)

 Czech and Polish expedition in Norway

In July 2019 the group of 4 people from Czechia and Poland went to their 16. expedition beyond the Arctic circle to examine the icebergs in Norway, Svalbard. The organization and sponsoring was mainly done by the company Řehák - SPELO s.r.o. The Czech part of the expedition was represented by Josef Řehák and Stanislav Řehák.

The Polish Institute of Geophysics helped in advance with the transportation of supplies - material, ropes, clothes, food, etc. It all was sent from the port of Gdynia to the Norwegian fjord Hornsund. Also, the Marine 450 U boat was dispatched as well which was supposed to help the expedition for the upcoming 2 months with transportation of material and people to distant places.

The expedition demanded that the boat must resist the big waves, also it must be strong enough so the icebergs or bears could not damage it and on top of that, it should be lightweight for easy hand transportation.

The boat is now located in Polish station in Hornsund, Norway and it awaits the arrival of the members of the expedition.

Soon there will be more photos and information about this expedition in the next posts.

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