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New photos of upgrated 500 Fish and 500 Fish SC DLX


We would like to inform you about the newest improvements that we have made in the Fish range of Marine boats. Starting with the Marine 500 Fish, we have changed the rear of the boat by replacing the 2 longitudinal with 1 crossbench, which enables to mount a seat in the middle in the bench. On the left side of the boat, there is a fishing rod holder in standard equipment of the boat. (it is not seen in the pictures on the website) Moreover, the front and rear benches are on the same surface level with the side seat with storage space. Also, in the rear, there is a beveled edge. The boat is now more plain, comfortable and better looking.

The 500 Fish SC has been upgraded in the same way and is equipped with the same steering console as before. The new photos of this boat are not available at this moment and will be added on Marine website later.

The well equipped 500 Fish SC DLX has inherited the same enhancements as the 500 Fish. Additionally, the 5 front storage space rooms have a different layout and the waterproof storage room has been placed in the middle for better stability of the boat. Moreover, all the storage rooms are lockable with more convenient a stainless latch bolt lock, so there is no need for keys anymore. Again, both the bow and the rear boat decks are on the same surface level which makes it more comfortable for fishermen onboard.

For more and detailed photos, please visit the webpage of either 500 Fish or 500 Fish SC DLX. See the links below.

500 Fish:

500 Fish SC DLX:

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