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New Marine boat model !

New model 400 and 450 Bass for 2019.

Just before the start of Christmas and the new year, we would like to inform you about the new Marine boat model that we will be launching in 2019. It´s name is Bass and it will be offered in 2 standard sizes 400 and 450. They are suitable for european market because of their smaller sizes. The 400 Bass is meant for 1 person and the 450 Bass for 2 persons onboard.

The new design is adjusted for fishing freshwater predators such as a pike, pikeperch, and bass. The main feature is deck across the whole boat covered with marine carpet and vinyl which both serve for noise reduction. Moreover there are 8 storage space rooms – 4 in the bow, 2 in the middle and 2 in the rear of the boat. Besides, there are of course more optional accessories which help you customize the boat: such as mooring canvas, holder for drinks in the deck, rod holder, alu-paddle, and bilge pump or elektro lifewell kit. 

The Marine website for 400 Bass is complete and you can check it out after clicking on the link below.

The boat 400 Bass will be introduced on the boat show Boot Düsseldorf in the end of January 2019. The bigger 450 Bass will follow in spring 2019.

Řadová 465
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